How to Create a Website: The Free Step by Step Guide

Welcome to the "How to Create a Website" step by step guide for the complete beginner. On this dedicated microsite I will show you exactly how to go from zero to creating an amazing website in next to no time. In fact, using my guide, we'll have your website installed in the next 20 minutes!

I'll Teach You How to Create a Website. No Experience Needed.


If you'd like to know how to create a website, welcome...... You've found the right site!

This guide is designed so that a complete beginner to website design and development can get up and running in less than a couple of hours. In fact, my methods are so quick, you'll have your base site installed and online within 20 minutes of starting. It's that quick and painless. I expect that you have no knowledge whatsoever. All you need to know is how to switch on a computer, type on a keyboard and click a mouse. I figure if you've found this website, you're already qualified in those three tasks!

So what does this guide cover? Well obviously I'll show you how to create a website but what is involved you may ask..... Firstly I'll explain the basics of how websites work and show you how to get a website address (such as, .net, .org etc) and how to get a "home" for your site. Once those tasks are complete, I'll walk you through how to automatically install 100% free website software using just a couple of mouse clicks and create your website. Lastly I'll show you how to jazz up your new website by adding a new design of your choice; again with just a couple of mouse clicks.

You Will Learn How to:

  • Get your very own website address
  • Set up your very own online hosting package where the website will live
  • Install & create a website with 100% free software
  • Impress friends or clients with amazing designs

Forget Facebook or Twitter.... With my guide you'll blow the socks off your friends or clients with a smart, professional looking website.

3 Simple Steps to Creating Your Own Website

How to Create a Website

So a question that might be on your lips.......

You might be wondering who I am..... Or what qualifies this guy to teach how to create websites..... Well those are very valid questions. There are way too many people out there writing training guides with something they just learned yesterday or showing people how to do things they cannot do themselves. I'll outline some points from my Resume below which I hope will convince you that I'm qualified.....

- I've been building websites since 1997

- I have Degree in Computing plus a PGDip in New Business Development

- Professional web developer for 13 years

- I've been a freelance web developer and consultant for 8 years

- I teach people how to start their own web business

- Currently consulting on a $20m web project

How to Create a Website
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